Getting back to health

I recently set a goal to be in perfect physical, mental, and emotional health. It's a somewhat unrealistic target to set, but I think part of the value of goals is to shift your thinking into imagining what's possible. So here I am.

One way I'm investing in my physical health is through the recent purchase of a Peloton Bike+. I just started using it two days ago and have been on three rides so far. Honestly, so far, it's been a game changer. The boost in post-ride energy, combined with a sudden shift to perfect weather in Seattle, has been incredible. I tend to go through cycles of being proactively engaged in physical fitness and falling off the proverbial treadmill. At this point, I'm solidly back on.

Some other changes are also driving this shift back to physical health. One of my habits is going on long, brisk walks around the city. These urban hikes are a great way to get some low-impact cardio in, listen to an audiobook, or just give myself space and time to think. They also tend to only be limited by the amount of time I have to give them, making the weekend a perfect time to cover 12 miles across the city on foot. The other nice part is getting to stop at some of my favorite spots to eat along the way. On that note, I love how much healthier I subconsciously start eating when I'm "on".

These habits end up working synergistically, and the walking time lets me make tons of progress in audiobooks and podcasts I'm listening to. My goal is to read 24 books per year, which again seems daunting at first at two books a month. But having three uninterrupted hours of walking to listen makes progress much faster. I recently finished Barack Obama's A Promised Land, Olivia Fox Cabane's The Charisma Myth, and am halfway into Grant Cardone's The 10x Rule, all in the space of about a month.

The emotional health side is where I still need to rebuild habits. I used to meditate for ~10 minutes per day and dropped off at some point. I want to get back to it as a consistent part of my morning routine.