On the value of a morning routine

At 6:30am, my internal alarm clock goes off. I open my eyes, and roll over to look at the clock on my nightstand. 6:30am. Every time. It's a neat physiological trick. I roll over and go back to sleep.

At 7:20, I wake up on my own again. Every time. I grab my iPad and scroll through Google News headlines for ten minutes, reading one or two articles until the clock reads...

7:30. I roll out of bed. Throw on some clothes. Cell phone, wallet, keys, AirPods. I slip on shoes and walk out the door. As I lock up behind me, my brain starts to wake up. I walk outside and start playing whatever audiobook is loaded up on Kindle.

I walk through the neighborhood to one of a rotation of coffee shops. Walking briskly wakes me up, but I go slow enough to give myself 15 minutes of mindful listening and admiring the trees, morning sun, and people running by.

Victrola. 12oz hemp latte. Thanks!

I walk back toward home. My mind gradually starts to plan out the day. I picture signing off in the early evening satisfied with what I accomplished? What did I get done today? I form a list in my head. 3 items max.

8:15. Back home. Grab the iPad and sit down at the kitchen table. Write a blog post on the value of a morning routine, creating just a little time and space in an otherwise chaotic day to follow a peaceful, personal ritual that's just for me. Edit lightly. Publish.

8:30. Start the day.